Who We Are

Pharaohs XI is the preeminent source for all things Pharaohs; Egypt’s national football team.

What We Do

Founded by veteran Egyptian football journalists, Pharaohs XI provides compelling coverage including news, stats, photos, videos, and in-depth analysis.

Pharaohs XI fills a long-existing void of quality, English-language content dedicated to Egypt’s national football team, its players, coaches, and fans.

The Name

For those unfamiliar, Pharaohs is the famous moniker for Egypt’s national football team. The XI (roman numeral eleven) comes from popular football vernacular for a team’s starting lineup, which is referred to as its “XI.”

Stay In Touch

Follow us along on our journey covering the Pharaohs. We’re PharaohsXI on the Web and across social media: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Alternatively, you can get in touch by visiting our Contact page or by emailing us at info@PharaohsXI.com.


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